Lebesgue Chair

The Lebesgue Chair is a temporary international professorship position that aims at hosting scientific leaders in the forefront of mathematical research in the laboratories of the Lebesgue Center. The Chair activities are focused on research and training.

The Lebesgue Chair is applied at two levels:
Junior position
Senior position

The Lebesgue Chair is open to all fields of mathematics. However priority will be given to candidates whose research areas interact with the current Lebesgue thematic semester.

The invited professor should propose a course of ten or twenty hours for graduate students;
the professor may participate to a summer school or give a mini-course for the cycle of conferences "Journées Louis Antoine";
he could direct a PhD Thesis with a coadvisor from Lebesgue.

Eligibility Criteria

Are eligible for Junior professorship position foreign researchers who obtained their PhD in the last five years.
Are eligible for Senior professorship position foreign researchers who obtained their PhD beyond the last five years.


The invited Professors of the Lebesgue Chair are selected annually by the Scientific Committee of the Lebesgue Center, in collaboration with the organizers of the thematic semesters.

The Lebesgue Chair was awarded to :


Fabien Pazuki Université de Copenhague
His research is on the arithmetic of abelian varieties, algebraic curves and Calabi-Yau varieties. He works in particular with heights and also with arithmetic dynamics.

Daniel Perrucci Université de Buenos Aires
Daniel Perrucci is born in Argentina in 1979. He obtained his PhD in mathematics at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in December of 2008. The main topic of his thesis was the design and complexity study of symbolic algorithms for polynomial equations and inequations systems solving over the real numbers. As a postdoc, he was invited for several months to IRMAR, Université de Rennes 1, France, in 2010.
Currently a professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also a researcher at Conicet, Argentina, he is now interested in other topics in effective real algebraic geometry, such as sums of squares, certificates of positivity, polynomial optimization and topology of semialgebraic sets. He also likes to collaborate with the Argentinian Mathematics Olympiads team for students in middle school.

Matthias Strauch Indiana University
His research is about p-adically continuous representations of p-adic reductive groups in the framework of the p-adic Langlands program. Particularly important in recent work have been geometric constructions of such representations using rigid-analytic spaces, p-adic period spaces, and arithmetic differential operators, as well as connections to Lie algebra representations.


Fernando Casas Universitat Jaume I, Spain
He got his PhD in Theoretical Physics at the Universitat de València in 1992. He is a professor of applied mathematics at the Universitat Jaume I in Castellón (Spain) since 2009. He has been a visiting research associate at the University of Maryland at College Park, and a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge and the Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ). His research focuses on geometric numerical integration, including the design and analysis of splitting and composition methods for differential equations and their applications, Lie group methods, perturbation techniques, and all the algebraic issues involved. He is the coauthor of the monograph “A Concise Introduction to Geometric Numerical Integration” (CRC Press, 2016).


Vestislav Apostolov Université de Québec

Amine El Sahili Université libanaise
Amine El Sahili est professeur a l Université Libanaise. Il est spécialiste de la Théorie des Graphes et plus particulièrement: les b-colorations des graphes, les chemins et cycle dans les tournois ( existence - denombrement - parité), les arbres dans les digraphes n-chromatiques: les forets maximales. Il a commence un programme de recherche commun avec Ali Fardoun depuis decembre 2016 sur la theorie spectrale des graphes et géométrie. Une école de recherche CIMPA a été organisée en février 2017 par Amine EL Sahili et Ali Fardoun intitulee "Graph Theory and its Applications"a l Universite Libanaise. Depuis le 1 decembre 2016, Zeina Hanna prépare une thèse en cotutelle avec Paul Baird Ali Fardoun et Amine El Sahili.Lors de son sejour, il collaborera avec Ali Fardoun et Paul Baird.

Emmy Murphy, MIT


William Kleiber (University of Colorado)

Nicolas Privault (Nanyang Technological University
After an Engineer degree from Télécom Paris and a PhD in Mathematics from the University Pierre et Marie Curie, Nicolas Privault is professor in Ếvry, La Rochelle and Poitiers, before going to Hongkong and Singapore in 2010. He authors several mathematical books and more than a hundred of research articles. His work focuses on probability theory and stochastic analysis of which he is a specialist in Brownian, Poissonian or point processes settings. He is also interested in applications in particular in Mathematical finance.


Dario Bambusi, Milan, Italie

Alexander Grigor'yan, Bielefeld

Thomas Kappeler, Zürich

Rafe Mazzeo, Stanford

Alvaro Pelayo, Saint Louis

Mark Williams, Chapel Hill

Huicheng Yin, Nanjing


Alan Reid, University of Texas

Fabrizio Catanese, Universität Bayreuth


Yuri Bakhtin, New York University

Fabrice Beaudoin, Purdue University




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